Royal Solomon is a crypto digital asset which value is supported by physical gold stored in safe, trusted, and insured bullion Vault storage. Therefore, the Royal Solomon value will be stable with a tendency to continue to rise.

The Royal Solomon network can be accessed via PCs or smartphone devices and the asset could be obtained using a buying and selling mechanism.

The Royal Solomon is issued a maximum of 100,000,000 units with the initial price set at the time of issuance. The Royal Solomon Unit amount will be issued in phases in accordance with the physical amount of gold stored.

Each Royal Solomon Unit is supported by pure Gold with purity of 999.9 according to the standards set by LBMA.

Physical Deposits Gold in bullion gold storage cannot be withdrawn from designated custodian companies as long as the Royal Solomon operates.

Royal Solomon unit prices follow the law of Supply & Demand with a benchmark of the lowest price according to the physical value of Gold saved. With this principle, the price of the Royal Solomon unit will tend to be stable and keep increasing.

The Royal Solomon application uses blockchain technology, therefore every unit buying and selling transaction that occurs is guaranteed to be safe and can be seen at any time without being able to be changed or corrected.

The Royal Solomon Unit can be traded as a commodity through a buying and selling mechanism through a trading platform built by each exchanger as a market maker.

Royal Solomon can be used by businesses for e-commerce transactions with the principle of barter.

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